Quickly, Safely, & Easily Maintain the Miracle: Food and Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you are a regular reader, you know how to banish the symptoms of RA without drugs, using food alone. (See other articles on this site or go to the summary below.) You know that evidence – research as well as our own experience – suggests that RA is essentially an allergic reaction, a disorder of the immune system that results in an allergy to some foods, and that you can control it yourself through diet. No drugs needed.

What has been harder than identifying the cause is maintaining the miracle once we’ve found it. Too many of us, knowing full well that food is our problem, have thrown in the towel and reverted to the use of deadly drugs when dietary control of Rheumatoid Arthritis seems beyond our ability.

But it is not. Keeping our health under control is well within our ability. All we have to do this : Eat No Food More Often Than Once Every Few Days. Too simple to believe? Not so. Try it yourself.

The 3-day fast convinces us that food is the problem and the solution because it takes 3 days for food molecules to completely exit the body. Two days won’t work. By the 4th day all food allergens have left us and we feel healthy again – like we’ve captured lightning in a bottle, as they say.

Then comes the hard part.

Food may be the issue, but how do we resume eating without setting our body on fire again? By using the same reasoning that made us well with the 3-day fast, that’s how.

First, there will be foods that you are insanely allergic to. Eat one of them and spend the next few days feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. The good news is that these foods are rare and fairly easy to identify. (You are keeping a food diary, aren’t you?) You don’t have to be hit by a truck very often before you learn what a truck looks like. So we stay away from trucks, those foods that we are highly and immediately allergic to.

The allergens that we have left have a lower level of inflammatory properties and, unlike the trucks, don’t do damage until they build in our blood over several days. We may be allergic to things that won’t bother us until we eat them for 2 or 3 or 4 days in a row. These foods confuse us because they didn’t cause us any trouble for the first days. When we do start reacting we have trouble relating our symptoms to any specific food. We can feel bewildered and defeated.

Instead, all we have to do is stop eating the same foods more often than once every 2 or 3 or 4 days. This way, we give our bodies time to eliminate low-level allergens before we pile more on. As you gain experience you’ll learn which foods and which time intervals work best for you.

There you have it. You can defeat Rheumatoid Arthritis and maintain your miraculous good health by eating no food more often than once every few days. Incredibly simple and totally effective.

Here is a summary of the 3-day fast and maintenance procedures:

1. Go on a water-only fast for 3 days. Two days won’t work. There is something magical about the third day. By day 4 you will astounded by your good health and by your own ability to control a dread disorder. You will also be astounded by your complete victory over the drug culture that encompasses the USA. It may make you consider looking for alternatives to other medications.

2. If fasting for 3 days isn’t in the cards for you, here is an alternative that can work:

Stop eating your usual foods and concentrate on those that are not generally part of your diet. You are never allergic to anything you have not been exposed to and new foods are therefore unlikely to cause a reaction. However:

Stay away from anything that contains soy, corn or sugar beets since they are very likely to be contaminated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). One way to guarantee no GMOs is to eat organic only.

3. Stay away from processed foods, meaning those with multiple ingredients. You can react to anything listed as an ingredient on the label and it can be very difficult to figure out which is causing you problems.

4. Eat only foods that are low in inflammatory potential, like salad greens and fish.

5. Some foods that are common causes of allergic inflammation are wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs, nuts and saturated fat. Avoid them until you know that you can tolerate them.

And then for the good part. Maintain your miracle effectively and easily by:

1) keeping a food diary which will help you isolate problem foods, and

2) eating no food more than once every 3 or 4 days. This will give your body time for low-level allergens to exit before you pile more on. That’s because food molecules stay in your body for only 3 days.

Then success! You will have discovered the secret of maintaining your body without life threatening and horrendously expensive drugs. You will be healthy again and you will have done it yourself..

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