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Unavoidable Afghanistan Chaos? How Did Russia Do It?

by Cameron Salisbury

August 31, 2021

President Biden stated emphatically that chaos was a natural result of the decision to unilaterally withdraw U.S. troops from an expensive and deadly 20 year standoff in Afghanistan. It was done suddenly, catastrophically, without notice. It couldn’t have been done any other way, Biden said. And he was right. Given the way the U.S. military–CIA chose to do it, the disaster was inevitable.

Well, this wasn’t the first withdrawal of a losing invader to leave Afghanistan.

By the late1980s the Russian government knew that the war they had been waging for roughly 6 years, to prop up a friendly Afghan government, was unwinnable. They decided they needed to leave the country, spent a year deciding how to do it and then 3 years implementing a coordinated plan. The plan consisted of bringing the Afghani military and government along so that it would be effective after Russia left. When they finally left after 10 years, it surprised no one. Their soldiers and equipment went with them.

The Afghan population did not.

There are pictures on the internet of a convoy of Soviet tanks threading its way out of Afghanistan returning home. Russia supported the Afghan government for several years until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. And the Afghan government that the Soviets had supported lasted for years.

But leadership, organization and intelligent planning weren’t the Soviet’s only advantages. Russia had been a close neighbor of Afghanistan. It was familiar with Afghanistan’s people and history.

And it had the good sense to back a viable problem-solver to lead the country, in contrast to the U.S. which chose to back a highly educated intellectual with no people skills or ability to handle conflicts.

Most of all, the USSR lacked the hubris that kept America in an unwinnable war for two decades, cost tens of thousands of lives and trillions of taxpayer dollars. The pundits are lamenting the sudden erasure of U.S. international influence, but what of the opinion of the Americans who underwrite them?

Can we continue to finance an out of control government that is diminishing our own and our kids lives? That is largely run by unelected advisors and lobbyists for their own enrichment? Where is the line?

The Mystery of Declining Life Expectancy

by Cameron Salisbury


In 1989-1990 The USSR’s Berlin wall came crashing down. As Western observers gloated and took credit, no one mentioned that life in the Soviet Union had all but disintegrated. Over the next several years, life expectancy in the former Soviet Union declined by years, so much that observers thought the numbers must be a mistake. In one year alone, between 1992 and1993, life expectancy fell by 3 years.

Declining life expectancy can signal a catastrophe. It means that something is deeply amiss in the underlying society.

Life expectancy in the U.S. has been declining for several years, and now shows that a person in the U.S. can expect to live 78.6 years, a decline of .3 years from the 78.9 of 2014.

The CDC, and it’s unquestioning mouthpiece, the U.S. mass media, blames the decrease in life expectancy on opioid abuse and suicide. In other words, the dead are responsible for their own demise. The problem is that the U.S. has nearly 3 million deaths a year and a few thousand extra suicides or opioid deaths will not move the needle. The massive decline in life expectancy, in terms of both number of persons dying and years of life lost, has to be due to something else. Something that affects all of society and not just the drugged or suicidal.

But, if the dead are not responsible and someone else is, things could get very messy, couldn’t they?

The more likely reason that life expectancy in the U.S. is falling is that something toxic and ongoing is happening in the culture, something buried deliberately out of site in the mortality statistics. Something like an indifferent and deadly hospital culture, as well as death dispensed with wild abandon by Big Pharma and their heavily advertised and fatal pills. Something like inattentive physicians, sometimes well meaning and sometimes not, who have trouble keeping up with FDA announcements and Big Pharma sales tactics..

The only hint of the involvement of the medical culture is the category for septicemia, or sepsis, that consistently, year after year, tallies about 40,000 deaths and shows up as the 10th or 11th cause of death.

Sepsis (blood poisoning) is a deadly blood stream infection.  The types of infection, which include MRSA and C Diff, are introduced in clinics, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices but usually in hospitals. It occurs when dirty equipment is used to give injections, vaccinate, open veins, operate, or do any other invasive procedure. There are no invasive procedures that do not expose the blood stream to potentially lethal contamination. (Despite what they want you to believe, people do not enter the hospital with sepsis they acquired at home.)

There is an astounding disconnect between deaths due to sepsis from death certificates and independent investigations that are published in medical journals.

Over and over research into hospital records shows the number of sepsis deaths many times higher than the official count from death certificates. CDC’s own investigation indicated sepsis as a cause of death of up to 380,000, which would make it the third leading cause of death in the U.S. That figure doesn’t include the 15% of sepsis deaths that occur outside of hospitals, such as those in nursing homes.

Big killers contributing to the decline in life expectancy are dirty hospitals, dirty equipment and indifferent staff. When you have a chance, ask your doctor how s/he feels about controlling hospital infections. Hand washing and using sterilized equipment is entirely in the hands of the staff but the commitment comes from those in charge. Unless your doctor is adamant, find someone else. When you find yourself in a medical setting, stay on guard. Make sure no one and nothing touches you without being sterilized. Your life may depend on it.

If you need surgery, (a ‘procedure’, as they say) try to find a good doctor who uses an outpatient clinic. A personally owned outpatient surgical center gives a doctor much better control over what happens while you are sedated. The people involved in your surgery are also much more accountable. In hospitals, no one is accountable, as they know well.

If the same health standards applied to restaurants were applied to hospitals, few would stay open.

Death certificate data has a number of catch-all categories. Heart disease is a go-to whenever someone dies for an unknown reason, or for a reason the hospital prefers not to admit. Hypertension is another one. There are naturally occurring blood pressure increases with age. It doesn’t kill as often as they’d like you to think.

On the other hand, there are significant and tragic causes of mortality with no separate category. Such as doctor and hospital errors, pharmacy errors, and pharmaceuticals that kill when taken as prescribed.

The big one is the last: legal drugs, courtesy of the FDA, massive advertising by wealthy corporations and medical staff who remain clueless. Although illegal drugs are sometimes killers, and legal drugs may be taken illegally, prescription drugs taken as prescribed are major sources of death and destruction. While cocaine and heroin kill up to 20,000 people every year, prescription drugs kill over 100,000 annually and have life altering side effects for millions of survivors. If counted accurately, they would be the fourth leading cause of death.

Some expensive pills have no use whatever, like Vioxx before it was withdrawn, or drugs that interfere with normal physical processes and should never be prescribed, like statins.

The federal pharmaceutical guardian that we pay for with our taxes, the FDA, is well aware that some drugs are too dangerous to be prescribed. You’d think they owed it to us to withdraw them from the market and occasionally they do (Vioxx) but most of the time they simply issue a ‘black box’ warning designed to alert users that the drug is deadly, to be carried on the box the drug is packaged in. That means no hospitalized patient and most doctors and nurses never see it. But then, few medical staff have ever heard of a black box warning. And the drug remains on the market to be prescribed, so what difference does a warning make?

We consumers, the pharmaceutical industry’s patsies, need a working and effective FDA that is not allowed to receive cash from Big Pharma or its representatives. The legal drug culture has been called ‘a war against Americans.’

Pharmaceuticals are a major, unacknowledged, killer, and Big Pharma wants drugs to stay that way. ‘Our’ FDA just goes along. Remember that long list of side effects aired as part of every ad? They are designed to be minimized and you may think they apply to someone else .Well, they don’t. The control groups that drugs are tested on are small enough so that you can assume that every single Big Pharma guinea pig had an adverse effect to the drug in question.

The reason isn’t complicated. All drugs are poison to the human body and each body will reject the drug in it’s own way. This applies even to apparently benign over-the-counter drugs, like aspirin, naproxen (Aleve), and ibuprofen, (Advil) which, according to one study, would rank as one of the leading causes of death if tabulated separately. Tylenol is responsible for most liver failure in the U.S.

Pharmaceuticals are not allowed to advertise in Europe and the life expectancy there, unlike the U.S., continues to increase.

But like medical errors and hospital infections, prescription drug deaths are not categorized separately, even in the unlikely event they are acknowledged.

There are excellent natural sources of healing explained throughout the internet. Only in rare circumstances do the sick have to rely on modern U.S. medicine.

The last category of possible death-dealing comes from the U.S. agriculture industry and it’s reliance on Monsanto and Dow Chemical for genetically modified and Round-Up Ready crops. No one knows the impact of blatant tampering with nature, partly because those companies hide the results of studies that might hurt their sales.

Some U.S. jurisdictions, and Europe, have tried to control the planting of genetically modified crops only to find themselves in an expensive legal battle with the giant, wealthy companies who are determined to thwart popular will.

Once you get into the grocery store you are presented with a smorgasbord of untested chemicals in nearly everything you buy. There are dyes, texturizers, preservatives, emulsifiers, etc. Much of the fresh food has been irradiated so that you won’t get sick when food processors sell you food that isn’t clean, and ground meat is usually gassed to preserve its fresh appearance.

Try always to buy organic food which by definition is unadulterated, or buy food from European processors.  In Europe, tampering with the food supply is frowned upon.

Some people might suspect that a large part of declining life expectancy is the result of America’s anything-goes capitalism.


(Readers: If you want my sources, send me a message and I’ll send them to you. The new format of this website won’t let me include them here.)

Quickly, Safely, & Easily Maintain the Miracle: Food and Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you are a regular reader, you know how to banish the symptoms of RA without drugs, using food alone. (See other articles on this site or go to the summary below.) You know that evidence – research as well as our own experience – suggests that RA is essentially an allergic reaction, a disorder of the immune system that results in an allergy to some foods, and that you can control it yourself through diet. No drugs needed.

What has been harder than identifying the cause is maintaining the miracle once we’ve found it. Too many of us, knowing full well that food is our problem, have thrown in the towel and reverted to the use of deadly drugs when dietary control of Rheumatoid Arthritis seems beyond our ability.

But it is not. Keeping our health under control is well within our ability. All we have to do this : Eat No Food More Often Than Once Every Few Days. Too simple to believe? Not so. Try it yourself.

The 3-day fast convinces us that food is the problem and the solution because it takes 3 days for food molecules to completely exit the body. Two days won’t work. By the 4th day all food allergens have left us and we feel healthy again – like we’ve captured lightning in a bottle, as they say.

Then comes the hard part.

Food may be the issue, but how do we resume eating without setting our body on fire again? By using the same reasoning that made us well with the 3-day fast, that’s how.

First, there will be foods that you are insanely allergic to. Eat one of them and spend the next few days feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. The good news is that these foods are rare and fairly easy to identify. (You are keeping a food diary, aren’t you?) You don’t have to be hit by a truck very often before you learn what a truck looks like. So we stay away from trucks, those foods that we are highly and immediately allergic to.

The allergens that we have left have a lower level of inflammatory properties and, unlike the trucks, don’t do damage until they build in our blood over several days. We may be allergic to things that won’t bother us until we eat them for 2 or 3 or 4 days in a row. These foods confuse us because they didn’t cause us any trouble for the first days. When we do start reacting we have trouble relating our symptoms to any specific food. We can feel bewildered and defeated.

Instead, all we have to do is stop eating the same foods more often than once every 2 or 3 or 4 days. This way, we give our bodies time to eliminate low-level allergens before we pile more on. As you gain experience you’ll learn which foods and which time intervals work best for you.

There you have it. You can defeat Rheumatoid Arthritis and maintain your miraculous good health by eating no food more often than once every few days. Incredibly simple and totally effective.

Here is a summary of the 3-day fast and maintenance procedures:

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The End of Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms – Drug Free !

It has now been almost exactly 20 years since I was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. The doctor taking my blood and listening to my symptoms looked at me with pity, which, at that time, alarmed me more than the prospect of the disease. I was expected to decline rapidly, a wheelchair and nursing home in my immediate future.

I took methotrexate, upping the dose as it lost effectiveness, until it was no longer safe to increase the dose again. I was given cortisone and began developing the side effects, cataracts, weight gain and osteoporsis. It became clear over the course of a year or two that there was not going to be a magic bullet that would solve my problem.  After several of my physician’s  more compliant patients died, I refused to take biologics.  I was on my own. I began doing research for my personal survival as I had done it for my job as a public health researcher. Then – Eureka! – I found the solution.

It wasn’t a secret. As I scoured the medical library and the local bookstore I found plenty of evidence that Rheumatoid Arthritis was quite manageable without drugs. I began to think I was the last to find out. The only place the information was not available was in the doctor’s office.

All evidence suggested that RA was a food sensitivity disorder. The way to test that idea was to fast. If the symptoms vanished without food, then food had to be the problem. And indeed that was what I found and what you will find.

Here’s how it works:

1. The fastest and surest way to eliminate the symptoms of RA is a 3 day, water only, fast with no cheating. Two days won’t work. There is something magical about the third day. During those days the food antigens in your body will dissipate and by day 4 they’ll be gone and you will feel normal again. Astonished and jubilant, but normal.

2. Many of us have trouble going without food for 3 days, so here is an alternative suggestion. Be aware that you are sensitive to food that you eat all the time. Therefore, if you don’t want to try a 3-day fast, what you should do is eliminate ALL of your normal diet and substitute foods you don’t ordinarily eat. For example: If you eat bread every day you will have to eliminate all cereal products, and all products containing grains, not just bread. If you eat meat daily, substitute fish or vegetables. If you eat potatoes frequently, substitute other, less common, veggies. There are lots of them.

3, Foods that have few inflammatory properties and that you are not likely to be allergic to include salad greens, fish and some oils, like canola or olive.

4. Remember that you are not giving up your favorite foods forever. You are, first, convincing yourself that you have the ability in your own hands to turn a big problem into a minor annoyance, drug free.

5.  Most important:  Do NOT eat the same food more often than once every 3 or 4 days.  This will allow food molecules for which you have only a minor allergy to exit your body before more are piled on.   This step alone will all but make your RA disorder go away. Using this step, you will find that your diet changes very little, only the frequency of foods changes. 

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Key to a ‘Cure’ for Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Food Diary

A food diary, also called a food journal or a food log, is recommended for a long list of reasons. Food journals are often used to monitor nutrition (are you getting enough fiber? Vitamin A?) or, commonly, for weight loss to keep track of calories.

But it is also recommended increasingly to monitor disease activity. Web sites for Crohns Disease, kidney diseaseInflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) , Ulcerative Colitis, acid reflux, Celiac Disease, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes,  allergies, and more, are making the crucial connection between what we eat and our health.

Nowhere is that connection better established than with Rheumatoid Arthritis. An accumulating body of research as well as our own experience indicates clearly that Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disorder caused by food intolerance.

As discussed in other recent posts, the key to vanquishing RA is the rotation diet, eating any food no more often than once every four days.  This eliminates the problem of low level reactions to minimally hazardous foods that build in our bodies until our immune system can no longer ignore them.  The rotation diet gives our bodies the time it needs to clear the food molecules that disrupt our immune system before adding more of them.

The way to maintain a successful rotation diet is to maintain an accurate food diary.

Here’s how to do it:

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Flares: The Real Story

The collection of advice about RA flares found in a search of Google predictably misses the mark. What we call ‘flares’ can affect almost anyone with an autoimmune disorder and are well known to those with Rheumatoid Arthritis. They are a sudden increase in inflammatory symptoms, pain, fatigue, swollen joints, any or all of the above.

If you believe what you read in articles posted on Google and at the Arthritis Foundation, you will think that flares are an unpredictable act of God over which you are helpless. Since ‘experts’ on RA are all very well versed in pharmaceuticals, their advice is always the same: increase or change your meds until you regain control.

That advice is complete and undiluted hogwash.

It is especially disappointing coming from the Arthritis Foundation’s publication Arthritis Today which recently ran an article entitled Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet: RA and Food Allergies concluding: “A new study suggests that food allergies may be linked to RA, after all.”

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The Arthritis Foundation: RA Can Be Caused By Food Allergies

By Denise Lynn Mann/Arthritis Foundation

 If you’ve thought your joints felt achy after a meal, only to doubt yourself after hearing that no evidence links food allergies and rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you are not alone. Until now there has been little evidence of foods that cause inflammation. Evidence suggests it may be time to consider a rheumatoid arthritis diet.

Most studies have focused on antibodies (proteins that attack and destroy foreign substances) in the blood, but that focus may have been wrong. Food-related antibodies may show up in the gut – rather than the blood – of people with RA, and that’s just where researchers at the University of Oslo, Norway, looked in a 2006 study.
How to Identify Foods That Cause InflammationIt’s true there is no official rheumatoid arthritis diet. But if you think there are foods that cause inflammation for you, Dr. Brostoff suggests trying an elimination diet. “Try eating the so-called “stone age diet,” which includes only fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, for one month,” he says. Studies have shown that if a person is food-sensitive, this type of diet can help reduce morning stiffness and pain, improve range of motion and lower inflammatory mediators in the blood.In fact, Dr. Brostoff did an experiment and found that more than one-third of people with RA felt better and had less morning stiffness on this diet. “We had one or two patients who, after one or two months, were so much better they could go walking and do all the things they could do before,” he says.The next step is to reintroduce foods, one at a time. “The only way of knowing if you are sensitive to a food is to eliminate it and then add it back,” Dr. Brostoff says.

They found that, in test tubes at least, the intestinal fluid of people with RA had higher levels of antibodies to proteins from cow’s milk, cereal, hen’s eggs, codfish and pork than that of people without RA.

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Hereditary Rheumatoid Arthritis ?? Will We Pass It On?

One of the things we who are affected fear most is passing Rheumatoid Arthritis on to our children and grandchildren. So, exactly how frightened should we be?

I’ve told my daughter to quit worrying about her health inheritance for several reasons.

She’s seen me deal with the condition every day since she was 10, 17 years ago. She saw the early pain, swollen joints and fatigue. She attended doctors’ appointments with me when I was getting cortisone injections in my hands. She’s seen the worst but that was so long ago I don’t think she remembers much of it now. What she clearly remembers is the way I live today: taking care daily about what I eat and the fatigue that sets in if I cut too many corners.

She was an eye witness to the miraculous change in my life after I learned once and for all that Rheumatoid Arthritis was effectively a food allergy disease and very controllable.

She has been there as I worked (and played) every day. She and I have traveled extensively. She knows that, after the initial trauma of the diagnosis and despite the continuing upkeep, there has been no change whatever in my daily routine. And she knows deep down that she can handle her life, too.

In the ‘My Story’ articles posted here, I document my early ups and downs, my lack of confidence in the beginning for the solution I had found, and how I finally began living the right answer: diet modification.

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Controlling RA Inflammation: Some Lists to Get You Started

The real problem with Rheumatoid Arthritis is not the diagnosis and it’s not the condition itself inhabiting our bodies. Rheumatoid Arthritis is simply the name given to a condition of chronic inflammation where the immune system, designed to be one of our best friends, gets completely confused and turns against us.

It’s inflammation that has led researchers to say that the average work life after a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis is only ten years.

It’s inflammation that causes the degradation of the joints that can lead to disability.

It’s inflammation that makes us vulnerable to horrendously expensive and harmful toxins, known as biologics, that only, in the end, benefit the pharmaceutical company. Because our bodies will always, sooner or later, develop a tolerance to any drug that attempts to override its own programming, pharmaceuticals will never overcome the pain and destructive capacity of RA for long. Drugs, no matter how effective they seem at first, are never the long term solution to the problem.

The good news is that none of that matters because we can heal ourselves, permanently and cost free.

Once diagnosed with RA, our primary goal should be to learn how to disable the inflammatory response, which will eliminate the swelling, pain, fatigue and joint destruction – all the symptoms of RA.

Controlling run-amuck inflammation is the key to our entire future. And the way to control it is always the same: Figure out what is causing it and stop.

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Rheumatoid Nodules, Vasculitis: More of the Same

Strange and scary things can happen to the human body when it has Rheumatoid Arthritis, as though it has a secret mind of its own and it’s not sharing with you.

But, really no need be frightened by the unexpected doings of your body.

Eventually you’ll reach the point that you attribute any new symptom to the disorder and you’ll know instantly how to handle it without adjusting medication or getting cortisone shots. You’ll just check your journal for anything unusual you’ve eaten recently, you’ll eliminate it, wait a few days, and it goes away. For as long as you stay away from whatever food caused the complication, it won’t come back.

Cases in point are Rheumatoid nodules and vasculitis, both of which are fairly unusual side effects of RA caused by out of control inflammation.

Rheumatoid nodules are bumps under the skin that can appear at pressure points like the elbow. They can be annoying and occasionally painful but are not serious. They are more an indication that you should be doing more to help your immune system deal with the source of the problem: food. As you know from this blog, RA is the result of an immune system seriously annoyed by what you’ve been eating. All symptoms vanish once you learn how to work with it and stay away from foods that tick it off.

Vasculitis is an inflammation of the blood vessels and is well worth learning to avoid. While nodules can seem like a gentle reminder to eat differently, vasculitis can be regarded as a warning. It is a rare side effect of RA that affects blood vessels anywhere from the skin, where it can look like a rug burn, to the heart where it may show up as pericarditis, as pain in the arm, leg or anywhere else. If you have RA and unexplained pain that does not appear related to your joints, it may be vasculitis.

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“Food Fixes RA? Maybe for You But Not for Me.”

I thought I’d tell you a little about the reception this web site has had since I started posting about a year ago.

There have been some wonderful success stories where someone decided to look for a different answer than the one handed to them by physicians, and, rather than rely on a succession of lethal and ultimately ineffective drugs to handle Rheumatoid Arthritis, found permanent health by modifying their diet.

Like Jen, who had been suffering with RA for three years and, rather than begin a new biologic to replace the one she had been taking which had lost its effectiveness, she decided to take matters into her own hands and do some research.

She found us and others online who encouraged her to find her own way and assured her that she could indeed triumph over a dreaded disease by making different food choices.

Like all of us who have made the leap from flares, fear and fatigue to good health, Jen has to handle the ups and downs and complexities of learning to work with her immune system by finding the right changes to her diet.  As food growing and processing methods change, as well as our bodies over time, control can seem like an ongoing work in progress.

But the same is true of the deadly drugs that are the current medical alternative. After the immune system is disabled by biologics, it adapts to the circumstances in the body and comes roaring back again. The drug in use then becomes ineffective and we have to either increase the dose or find a new drug and start the process over again. That is why the users of pharmaceuticals have to change drugs so often.

There will never be a time when the user of a biologic can assume that a prescribed drug has solved the problem forever. That person will always, at some point, need a new drug. Big Pharma, as hard as it tries, can hardly keep up and new immune system supressors seem to show up daily.

Sooner or later the rope will run out and biologics will no longer be regarded as the solutiion so many today think they have found.

Not all of those who landed on this website have had the reaction that Jen did.

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Leaky Gut and Rheumatoid Arthritis

There is always mention of ‘leaky gut’ whenever there is a discussion of RA. According to most physicians it is strictly a theory and one that’s not very relevant at that. (You expected something else?)  But according to many with autoimmune disorders, it is a fact of life.

Who should we believe, how do we fix it, and what difference does it make?

The concept of ‘leaky gut’ is finally receiving attention from researchers as it becomes clear that every molecule in the body is related to every other in a dynamic balancing act. No part of our bodies functions in a vacuum and nothing about it is simple. The intestinal tract, it is now known, is not a disinterested bystander that stands back while nutrients  make a dash for the blood stream. Through a complex barrier mechanism, it controls the equilibrium in the gut. When this dance is disrupted in the genetically susceptible and large molecules reach the bloodstream before processing is completed in the gut, autoimmune disorders can occur or become worse – our immune system’s attempt to cope with the unexpected.

Leaky gut results from defects in the intestinal barrier which allow particles of food, medicine or bacteria to permeate the gut and move into the blood stream and surrounding tissue. It has been observed in a number of bowel disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and is now becoming evident in the pathology of gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular disease, and other acute and chronic diseases including RA.

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A Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis: The 3-Day Phenomenon

As we struggle with swollen joints, fatigue, doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, and trying to process more information than we ever wanted about Rheumatoid Arthritis, it’s nearly impossible to believe that we can be well and healthy again in less than a week.

But it is true.

There is a huge amount of scientific evidence going back decades, as well as innumerable personal stories indicating that Rheumatoid Arthritis is linked directly to foods that our immune systems have come to believe are toxins.

Alas! Although dietary changes will eliminate all symptoms of RA, there is no magic bullet. Each person has to discover his or her own foods to avoid.

Every person’s life experiences and resulting physiology are individually unique, as are the dietary triggers for inflammation, which is what causes the pain, joint swelling and destruction of Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is also the underlying condition in many other disorders. Our immune systems are, for reasons yet unknown, miraculously exclusive to each of us and each person has to learn for him/her self what their own personal triggers are.

How to learn? That part is fairly simple.

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Herbs, Spices, Botanicals: Expect a Miracle

An article in Science Daily says that a derivative of the popular Middle Eastern spice turmeric, or curcumin, its active ingredient, shows promise for repairing damage due to stroke.

The medicinal properties of turmeric have been known since ancient times in Southeast Asia. It has been used as an antiseptic for cuts, burns and bruises, as an antibacterial agent and as an anti-inflammatory recommended for Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has also been used as a remedy for irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal conditions and is now being studied for possible use in cancer, Alzheimers, and AIDS in addition to stroke.

If it sounds like turmeric is a wonder drug, it is. And there are others just like it. The reason I include it on a site devoted to Rheumatoid Arthritis is that spices and other botanicals can be little miracles just waiting to be discovered.

My friend Maria had a chronic asthma-related cough for many years that numerous doctors had been unable to fix.  She called it her air pollution cough, since anything floating in the air, like cigarette smoke, diesel exhaust or perfume, set it off.  It was so constant and so intense that she thought she was headed to an early disability retirement. To control the severe hacking  she was taking theophylline, a prescription drug that comes with a warning of possible sudden death. It was only marginally useful for her cough.

On an extended car trip one day she took ginger to control motion sickness. The ginger worked the way it was supposed to and eliminated her nausea, but something else happened. To her stunned amazement, her cough vanished.

She and I combed the medical literature and searched for anecdotal evidence but could find no mention anywhere that ginger could affect an asthmatic, chronic cough. We began to think that Maria had found magic that was unique to herself.  But that wasn’t true.

Eventually we unearthed the rest of the story. In addition to its many well-known medicinal properties, including as an anti-inflammatory, ginger has another characteristic that is less known.  It is a powerful anti-spasmodic, which is why it calmed her cough. How many other spasm-related conditions could this simple spice, easily available and found in most kitchen pantries, cure if more people knew?

Strictly by accident, Maria had stumbled into her own personal miracle. And that is my point.  Expect a miracle.  You never know when one is waiting in plain sight for you to show up.

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Early Death and Rheumatoid Arthritis

TV personality Deborah Norville said that her mother died prematurely “from Rheumatoid Arthritis.”

With all due respect to Ms Norville, no one dies from RA.  Like osteoarthritis and many other non-fatal conditions among the genetically susceptible (e.g., Down’s Syndrome, mental illnesses), RA is more a disorder and less a disease.

All of us who live with the condition will die ‘with RA’ just as we will die ‘with a liver’, ‘with a brain’, ‘with fingernails.’ RA is not in the same mortality category as diabetes or stroke, leading causes of death listed on death certificates.

Nevertheless, Rheumatoid Arthritis can be a contributing factor to death from other causes, generally inflammation-related, but one is hard pressed to find any records listing RA as a cause of death by itself.  In this list of annual causes of mortality, RA is conspicuously absent.

Any number of studies have concluded that those of us with Rheumatoid Arthritis are doomed to die several years before we would otherwise, usually, they say, from cardiovascular disease (CVD). In vanishingly rare instances inflammation resulting from the disease attacks a vital organ like the heart and the patient may die.   Even then the cause of death is inflammation officially coded, for example, as ‘pericarditis,’ not Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It’s clear that a major problem is inflammation. But it’s not the only problem. The other big cause of death for us is the drugs we take, both over the counter and prescription.

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Extending Your Life Expectancy – Allergies

I talked to her mother at the local coffee shop, as she waited for her 20-year old-daughter to finish her 8th surgery for a condition none of her doctors had been able to identify. The girl was always sick, she said, and the surgeries didn’t seem to help. Her parents were scared to death she’d die before anyone figured it out.

She was eventually found to be sensitive to the perfumes in virtually everything she touched – deodorants, soap, shampoo, cleaning supplies.

I met her in a class one night. She couldn’t talk without her vocal cords going into a spasm, which meant she was without a voice. Her doctors said it was the most unusual case they’d seen and, over and over, recommended surgery. She’d had 6 surgeries so far and was scheduled for another.

She finally found that a common anti-spasmodic – ordinary ginger- ended her problem without actually identifying it.

He lost his voice suddenly one day. The doctors said his vocal cords looked fine. They didn’t know what happened or how to fix it. He was a school teacher.

His problem ended when his wife had a sudden insight and told him to stop taking the prescription statin. His life returned to normal within days.

Each of these had undiagnosed allergic reactions to a constant irritant that no one suspected. Once they figured out the allergy and began avoiding the source, their health returned. To a person, their doctors refused to believe the latest surgery or pharmaceutical had not been responsible for their return to health. None of them had ever heard of allergies causing such a problem. All of these one-time patients had their health back along with a newfound disregard for ‘experts’, and a new respect for the power their own human body, as well as a new respect for ancient remedies.

The medical profession seems to believe allergies begin and end with pollen or poison ivy, including the allergist physicians who should know better. The truth is that you can be allergic to anything. Food, perfumes, plants, things you touch, things you smell, and those allergies can impact your body and your life in limitless ways. Horrifically, they can also cause sudden death due to anaphylaxis, a sudden, violent allergic reaction that causes all organs in the body to shut down simultaneously.

The one medical guarantee is that doctors won’t understand any of it. With their medical education and virtually all articles in their professional journals subsidized by Big Pharma, they are taught believe that pills are the one hope for your health.

Allergies have their own ways of showing up, and when your symptoms don’t fit into any of a doctor’s diagnostic boxes, they will bend the corners of your ailment until they fit into a familiar surgical or pharmaceutical category. Then, they can solve your problem by recommending a surgery or a drug. Drug companies reward doctors for prescribing their costly, deadly, products.

With a little luck, if you survive one physician’s toxic and useless remedies, you will live to repeat the process with the next physician. Sooner or later, if you survive, you will take control of your own health. You will begin checking natural remedies on the internet, trying them out, and being flabbergasted at the magic they can work, almost free of charge and rarely at a threat to your life.

For example: Ginger, standard spice rack ginger, is a very effective anti-spasmodic. That means that it is a risk-free remedy for asthma, as well as hiccups. It means you don’t need to take cortisone with it’s deadly side effects to get relief.

Suffer from migraines? No need to risk your life taking expensive, heart-stopping, heavily advertised drugs. The botanical ‘feverfew’, available in the vitamin aisle, taken daily, will get rid of them for good.

Got nail biters in the family? They need much more vitamin B and magnesium than they’re getting.

Bruise easily? Not if you’re taking enough vitamin C, which can also ward off the common cold and who knows what other ailments.

As traditional antibiotics lose their effectiveness due to over prescribing, there is a natural antibiotic with nearly magical powers: Garlic. Taken in high doses, it can kill off numerous germs with no threat to your life or wallet.

Please note that nothing I’ve mentioned here is effective in one small dose, the kind you get in multivitamins. For therapeutic benefit, the vitamin or biologic has to be taken daily in doses high enough to be healing. There is a danger in extremely high doses of the fat soluble vitamins, A, E, and D. Those vitamins are not sold in health-threatening doses.

The vitamins that are not fat-soluble, B and C, are water-soluble. That means that they wash harmlessly out of your system every day in your urine.

There is a side effect to extremely high dose vitamin C. It causes diarrhea when the body has more than it can handle. That’s all. It’s not going to kill you and you can solve the problem by taking a little less. That doesn’t sound like the dangers advertised for pharmaceuticals, does it?

No discussion of allergies would be complete without acknowledging some very serious, mostly hidden, food allergens

If you feel miserable almost every day and you’ve ruled out most other things chances are you are have problems with the common allergen soy, which is almost always genetically modified.

Soy, like corn, is a crop subsidized by the government. Because farmers know that planting soy will always be profitable, they fill their fields with it. They plant much more than can be exported or used efficiently here at home. The solution to prevent big surpluses? Cut the price domestically and sell it to every food manufacturer. Because of it’s low cost, food processors are happy to comply and add it to everything possible. It’s hard to find a bakery product that doesn’t contain soy as do many other products. Would you ever suspect that many brands of ice cream are similarly contaminated? It’s everywhere. If you suspect a soy allergy, you should get used to reading food labels.

There are new, cost saving ingredients that appear constantly. One is malted barley flour. It’s generally a new addition to baked goods and is not included in some organic products. Be aware of its allergenic potential.

Allergies have the potential to do everything from limiting life to killing. A great many deaths are attributed to heart attacks but occur in people who have no heart disease. Are those deaths a testament to the power of allergies?

Allergies are entirely individual and identifying them is also individual. No one can do it for you, which is OK since you know that your health is your responsibility.

Extending Your Life Expectancy: The Food Supply

Life expectancy in the U.S. has been declining for several years and the numbers show no sign of reversing. CDC spokesmen say that their best explanation of the cause are suicides and the so-called opioid epidemic. A look at the numbers quickly shows this speculation to be a fantasy. Even a few thousand additional deaths in both categories will not move the needle in country with almost 3 million deaths a year.

No one admits to knowing the reason(s) for the decline, but there are people with much better guesses. Because their conclusions blame Big Business and not the dead victims, they do not get the media’s attention.

I’ve used other columns to warn about dirty and sloppy hospitals; indifferent, incompetent, and sometimes malicious medical staff; and, above all, the (criminal) pharmaceutical industry and their heavily advertised and often lethal poisons that they sell as ‘medicine’.

As life expectancy in the U.S. continues to drop, this column is about extending your own personal life expectancy by using better information about food. Coming columns will discuss pervasive and commonly ignored serious maladies, like allergies, and what to do about them.

The first thing to remember when trying to explain declining life expectancies is something that goes far toward explaining everything else: American capitalism and the profit motive. Effective oversight by elected or appointed officials could render our form of capitalism safer, but there is none.

Big Business finds no impediment anywhere, at least in the U.S., to buying its own way to greater profits. That usually means so-called campaign contributions to elected officials to control regulations, and endless prime time advertising to control public opinion. Sometimes a pharmaceutical ad airs next to an ad by lawyers who are suing them for damages. Attorneys, and their own profit motive, may turn out to be our best hope for reining in the destruction caused by Big Business. That is undoubtedly why Big Business is anxious to make an upper limit on awards mandatory.

Take RoundUp herbicide, for example. This very effective weed killer has been a stellar money maker for Monsanto (Bayer) while causing carnage to the people who use it as well as to the environment. Monsanto has recently begun losing lawsuits from cancer victims who believe RoundUp was responsible for their disease.

Studies have shown that almost everyone in America has glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, in their tissues. It poses a special danger to babies and toddlers.

Glyphosate residues have been found in tap water, orange juice, children’s urine, breast milk, chips, snacks, beer, wine, cereals, eggs, oatmeal, wheat products, and most conventional foods tested. It’s everywhere, in brief.

Attorney for victim: “It is clear from Monsanto’s actions that it does not care whether Roundup causes cancer, focusing instead on manipulating public opinion and undermining anyone who raises genuine and legitimate concerns about Roundup.”
F. William Engdahl
Global Research, April 27, 2019

Agricultural chemicals, including antibiotics in meat and, increasingly, in farmed fish are not the only contributors to America’s polluted food supply. Read any list of ingredients on a processed food and you’ll find a list of dyes, taste enhancers, preservatives, emulsifiers, and more. Food additives are never tested for safety before being unleashed on the public, the unsuspecting guinea pigs. They are withdrawn from grocery store shelves only after their toxicity becomes clear and Big Business is forced to relent. Monsanto is not relenting on RoundUp, however. The damages it may be forced to pay won’t put a dent in the CEOs bonus.

Here is a good source, slightly outdated, for explaining additives, what they do, and how safe they are:

chemical additives in food

The list is too comprehensive to include here but if you’d like to know exactly what you and your family are eating, look it over.

And then there is all the genetic modification (GMO) going on with no notice to consumers. Food processors have fought hard to make sure we stay in the dark, and our mass media, regulatory agencies and lawmakers have all been willing to comply with BigAg and ignore our demands for transparency.

There’s that capitalism problem again.

GMO means altering DNA seeds to resist disease, grow bigger or faster, look nicer, or any other reason BigAg can come up with. I’d include a list of foods at the grocery store that have been silently genetically modified, but the list is too long. For a look at a list that is a bit out of date, because it doesn’t include potatoes, go to:

There has been no long term study of the results of tampering with nature, but the results of research by independent scientists isn’t good. Monsanto, Dow, and BigAg use their propaganda machines to try to tell us that there is nothing to fear, and then use their banks of attorneys to overturn local decisions to ban GMOs. Cultivation of any kind of GMO has been banned in many European countries and in Russia.

Here is more information:


And then there is the gas that is used in packaged meat, and who knows what else, so that it maintains its fresh appearance no matter how old it is.

I hope by this time you are committed to buying organic, which by law has none of these problems. Big Business is trying hard to change that. Organic food is getting very popular, easier to find and cheaper. It may not always be a perfect choice but it is light years better than non-organic.

Here is what’s happening with organic in the U.S.:

In addition to buying organic I have one other suggestion: Buy European foods when possible. Europeans are fussy about what is allowed in their food and anything genetically modified has a rough time being allowed in and accepted by consumers. Europeans have a media that keeps them informed about such things, which puts their level of awareness far ahead of Americans.

Do I think our tainted food supply has anything to do with declining life expectancy in the U.S.? You bet. Don’t you?

Death From Complications

Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey has died from what was reported as ‘complications of rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and pneumonia.’

Huh?  There is no mortality code called ‘complications’ in the recently updated International Classification of Disease, which lists all causes of death.

Pneumonia may have been present but it didn’t kill Mr. Frey. If it had, it would be listed first.

Nor were rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis the killers. Rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis are autoimmune conditions caused by an immune system gone awry. Instead of performing its assigned job and protecting us from bacteria, viruses and other hazards, the immune system goes rogue and attacks. Unhappy conditions as they are, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis are not diseases, they are disorders, like Downs Syndrome or autism, and kill no one.

So why did Glenn Frey die?

With amazing frequency, obituaries identify unexplained ‘complications’ as the cause of death. Loosely translated, that generally means that the people who know don’t want you to.

There are good reasons for that. So unsafe is the entire medical industry that the word ‘complications’ is often a synonym for injury or death caused by incompetence, malpractice or pharmaceuticals. Although the number of deaths due to medical error has been estimated at 440,000, which would make it the third leading cause of death in the U.S, several in-depth reviews of medical records have shown that number to be woefully under reported. That’s because

– Some medical errors don’t come to light until an autopsy
– Medical records routinely fail to show all adverse drug events
– Physicians often refuse to report medical harm done to their patients

Medical errors are based only on hospital records, which means that injury or death occurring once the patient has left the hospital is not included in the figures.   Also, all harm that does not cause death, estimated at 10 to 20 times the  number of deaths, is ignored in the official figures.  Hundreds of thousands of former patients live daily with the life-dimming consequences of our medical system and their misplaced faith in the American medical establishment.

The truth is that medical injuries are probably the leading cause of death in the U.S. That would help to explain why the average healthy life span of Americans is stagnating while other Western countries continue to show advances.

Studies done by the Department of Health and Human Services indicate that American citizens pay $88 billion every year in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements to patch up the results of medical malfeasance. Other studies have estimated the total cost of medical error at 10% of total health care spending, or roughly $300 billion.

Hospital infections are among the most easily prevented injuries to patients, since they require little more than hand washing and sterile equipment. They are also the most common and alone raise the cost of hospitalization by as much as 50%.

Although many hospitals would prefer you to believe that medical harm is just the cost of doing business, it is not. There are hospitals that have made major strides in ensuring the safety of their patients.
So maybe it’s time for someone to go off the rails of political correctness and say it: The prevalence of infections and other in- hospital errors is a silent testament to the indifference and apathy of too many hospitals and medical staff. The rise in deadly strains of bacteria, like MRSA and C Diff, is a silent testament to the consequences of their apathy.

It appears that most hospitals are so unsafe that they should be closed for the protection of the public, as restaurants may be.

So what killed Glenn Frey? He had rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis, two autoimmune conditions treated with a class of drug called TNF (tumor necrosis factor) inhibitors which include Embrel, Humira, and numerous others. Those drugs are heavily advertised for an increasing number of conditions related to immune system dysfunction.

If a disorder is caused by the action of the immune system, we feel much better if we disable it. And that’s what these drugs do. But there is a huge price to pay for weakening the immune system. Without an immune system a person has no resistance to cancer or opportunistic infections like pneumonia.

The ‘complication’ causing Glenn Frey’s death was the prescription drugs that had been prescribed for his autoimmune conditions. There are natural, magical, alternatives that he never heard about from his doctors.  It didn’t have to happen.

Dirty Hospitals, Deadly Consequences

It looked like a crime scene.

As I walked down the hospital corridor to visit an ailing friend, I was struck by the number of rooms with closed doors covered in yellow ‘caution – keep out’ tape. These were rooms housing a patient with a deadly and highly contagious hospital-acquired infection, like MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureous) or C Diff (C Difficile). Both are caused by easily corrected hospital practices that endanger patients, including a lack of hand washing, contaminated instruments, and unsanitary procedures.

It was a crime scene.

Infections are among the most prevalent and preventable sources of harm to hospital patients, but they are far from alone in the danger they pose.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) first brought widespread attention to the simmering problem of an indifferent and deadly health care system in 1999 with their gently-titled report: To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System. Extrapolating from the handy Medicare database, they estimated 98,000 deaths a year due to infections, medication errors, unnecessary surgeries and other types of hospital and doctor malfeasance. The analysis was based on data from 1984 and is now nearly 30 years old.

Although the authors of the IOM report clearly hoped that the medical-pharmaceutical establishment would use the facts to become less deadly, that has not happened.

Updated information suggests that the actual number of people killed in hospitals might be as high as 440,000 a year, which would make in-hospital care the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

These numbers reflect only deaths among the hospitalized. They don’t include those who are damaged in the hospital but die elsewhere. Nor do they include those who survive their hospital stay but live with injury or disability, which is estimated to be three times the number of deaths.

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